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The spirit of our BOSEONG green tea is continued even after millennium.




확대/축소/인쇄/스크랩 버튼

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This refers to a comprehensive agricultural approval consisting of approval by the three most recognized organic agriculture safety approval systems in the world, which are the European Community organic agriculture approval, the USDA (USA) and JAS (Japan).

Approval Method

The EU investigates and evaluates not only the soil and water quality of the tea fields, the adjacent environment, facilities and equipment, but also the whole process from production to processing as well. Samples are collected for agrochemical residue tests and thorough testing on the field for authentication.

Approval Acquirement Status

Approval Acquirement Status

  • Number of farms/plantations successfully approved : 18
  • Area : 1,275,508㎡
Certificate of International Organic Approval

Certificate of International Organic Approval

  • Trademark Royalty Fees : 500 won / page (2 pages / 100g)

Signing of MOU for Export/Sales to the European Market

At the European Export Expo held in Germany between June 27th and July 3rd, 2008, several Korean tea leaf processing companies were invited as well as the governor of Boseong County. During the expo Boseong Green Tea signed an MOU with 5 European beverage and confectionary importers, including Mt. Everest Gmbh (Germany) and Sentinel Ltd. (France), for the export and sale of tea products to the entire European market.

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